Citrus - Juice or Juicing Techniques

Fresh Lemon Curd RecipeFreshly squeezed lemon or citrus juice is often used in baking recipes. Fresh citrus juice does NOT add a lot flavor to a recipe, rather it is citrus zest or peel that does. However, the juice adds a level of acidity and liquid that the recipe needs.
SARAH SAYS: Warm refrigerated citrus in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds before juicing. It's because room-temperature citrus yields more juice!

We use this technique with the Fresh Lemon Curd Recipe.

Lemon is the most acidic of the citrus fruits. If a recipe calls for freshly squeezed lemon juice or just lemon juice, substitute it with white wine vinegar, not water or the juice from another citrus fruit. Lemon juice also tenderizes, and can be found in pie crust recipes.

1 large orange = 1/4 cup
1 large lemon = 3 tablespoons or 5 to 6 medium lemons = 1 cup
1 small lime = 1 tablespoon

To do:
1. Always zest a lemon, or citrus fruit by removing its peel before squeezing it for its juice!

2. To get the most from the fruit, roll it a couple of times on the countertop, while pressing downward with the palm of your hand.

3. Remove the juice from the lemon. We are using a citrus juicer. But, you can just squeeze the fruit to extract the juice.

4. Always strain the juice to remove any seeds before using:

5. Cover and store in the refrigerator for a few days if not using right away.

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