Cherries - Pit

When pitting fresh cherries THE BEST WAY is to use a cherry pitter. If you don't have a specially designed cherry pitter, you can use the loop of a partially straightened paper clip or a hairpin, but it's harder to work with and the results are not so great. If you do select a pitter, the OXO Brand is fabulous.

Quick and Easy Bottle Technique:
Used with the:
Cherry or Apricot Almond Clafoutis or Clafouti Recipe

1. Place the cherry, upright, on the bottle and push the pit through with the large end of a chop stick. The pits end up in the bottle. This is a quick and easy technique.  

Paper Clip Technique: Use a clean large paper clip to pit cherries.
Used with the:
Chocolate Covered Cherry Daifuku (Mochi) Recipe.

1. You simply poke the end of the paper clip into the stem end of the cherry and grab the pit with the loop and pull the pit out.

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