How to Torte a Cake

Fresh Strawberries and Cream Cake Recipe TutorialTo torte a cake is to slice the cake layer into thinner evenly sized ones. The layers are filled in between with frosting, icing or a filling of some sort, and then crumb coated and/or frosted.

This how to baking technique is used with the Fresh Strawberries and Cream Cake Tutorial Recipe

1. Make sure the cake has cooled. If the cake is frozen, let is thaw slightly.
NOTE: It's easier to trim and torte a slightly frozen cake layer than a freshly baked one. For that reason, I bake my cake the night before, let it cool, and then freeze the layers overnight. I let them thaw partially, and then torte the layers.

2. Trim the uneven cake layer with a long serrated knife so it is even.

3. To slice one cake into two layers, start by tracing a line around the middle of the cake with a long serrated knife. Then slowly rotate the cake while following that line with the knife and cut through the cake toward the center. After a few rotations you will have sliced the cake in two.

Repeat the process with the additonal cake layers.

4. To separate layers, 8-inches and above, carefully slide the top torted layer onto a cardboard cake round. 
NOTE: We are torting 5-inch cake rounds.

NOTE: If you don't get a straight cut, match the unevenly cut slices when filling the cake layers, in the next steps, to prevent your finished cake from tilting.

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