Cake Pops: How to Make Cake Pops and Attach Sticks

Topiary Cake Pops Recipe TutorialWhat are Cake Pops?

Cake pops are a form of cake in many shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors, made from cake balls styled as a lollipop. Here we show you how to attach the formed cake ball to a lollipop stick and how to dip it in candy melts. For more information, go to our tutorial Cake Pops 101.

This technique is used with the: Topiary Cake Pops Recipe Tutorial

1. Make cake balls (for cake pops).

2. Melt about 1 cup of green candy melts, according to the package directions.
SARAH SAYS: If the candy melts are not fresh, they may be thicker than you want. If this is the case, add a tiny bit of vegetable shortening, and stir it in to thin the coating.
Put the melted candy in a narrow glass, or bowl.
3. Remove 2-3 cake balls from the refrigerator.
Dip the tip of one of the lollipop sticks into the melted coating, then push it into a cake ball, going about 2/3  of the way into the ball.
Wipe any excess candy off the bottom of the cake ball with your finger.

4. Dip the cake ball straight into the coating, making sure that the entire ball is covered.
Gently tap the stick on the side of the cup, turning the stick in your fingers, so the coating is even, and the excess falls back into the cup.

5. Then place the lollipop stick end in a block of styrofoam to dry, or you can use a piece of wood with holes drilled in it.

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