It’s Cherry Season!

  • Posted: 5/21/20

Cherries are divided into two categories: sweet and tart.
Sweet cherries, including the popular Bing and Rainier varieties, are available from May to August.
Sour, or tart cherries have a much shorter growing season, and can be found for a week or two, usually during the middle of June in warmer areas and as late as July and August in colder regions.
SARAH SAYS:  Sweet cherries — Bing and Rainier  — are the variety you're most likely to find fresh in the grocery store. 
Sour cherries are harder to find fresh (most are canned for pie filling).  

We typically think of eatiing sweet cherries out-of-hand as snacks, and as bakers, baking with sour cherries in pies, and other desserts!
SARAH SAYS: If not, you can substitute one for the other, but you’ll have to adjust the sugar and the cornstarch or thickener, too - one is sweet and the other, sour - and, sour pie cherries are normally juicier than sweet cherries, so add a little extra cornstarch or thickener so your pie won't be too runny.
However, please note that a cherry pie recipe usually specifies which type of cherry to use and no adjustments are necessary.

For beginner bakers, baking a pie from scracth seems to be an insurmountable task!

At, we have baking recipes and how-to tips and techniques for all types and levels of home bakers.
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We have even included a Pie Help Section on fruit pies

For very beginner bakers, we've included our Easy Pat-in-the-Pan Cherry Pie Recipe.
Simply pat part of the crust into a pan, fill with the cherry filling - homemade or storebought - and crumble the rest of the crust on top before baking. You can even use a premade crust! It's that simple!

For those bakers who feel more confident, we have a Fresh Cherry Pie Recipe and a Cherry Pie and Lattice Top Recipe -Tutorial.
Check out our Gluten-Free Classic Cherry Pie Recipe.

We always include step-by-step tutorials and extensive skill-learning mini-courses with color photos. along with our unique and professional recipes.
For example, go to our Learn Sections on Pie and Tart Pastry Crust Doughs, plus easy-to-follow instructive recipes.
We've even posted tutorials on How to Roll, Flute and Prebake Pie CrustPie Crust - How to Weave a Lattice Top for Pies and Pie Crust - How to Weave a Lattice Top for Tarts.

Don't forget you can ask questions and get answers on our Community Forum or included with each recipe!

For those who have other ideas about using cherries in baking, simply search the site using the keyword 'cherry.'
There's plenty of cherry recipes for everyone!

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