White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Frosting and Filling

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Variations: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Frosting and Filling; White Chocolate Mint Ganache Frosting and Filling 

I created this recipe so you could have an easy way to make white chocolate ganache in all sorts of flavors. It has become my workhorse of a recipe, and it holds up so well. Make sure you use a good quality white chocolate, otherwise the recipe will not turn out very well. This recipe calls for cooling the ganache and then whipping it to use as a creamy frosting and filling on a cake. Ganache is a simple mixture of melted chocolate and cream to which it has several uses depending on the ratio of the two ingredients to one another. It can be used as a glaze or whipped and put on a cake as a frosting. To it other ingredients are often added for flavor, richness and a smooth texture.

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