Ultimate Fresh Strawberry Butter Cake or UFSBC

  • Serves: For this tutorial: Makes two 5 x 2-inch cakes. You can use any size pan up to two 9 x 2-inch pans, one 9 x 13-inch pan or 32- 36 cupcakes
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 325 to 350
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Variations: Fresh Strawberries and Cream Cake; "I Heart Strawberries" Cupcakes; Ultimate Fresh Raspberry Butter Cake or UFRBC, below; Ultimate Butter Cake or UBC and VariationsUltimate Chocolate Butter Cake or UCBC and Variations 

For a great strawberry flavor using real strawberries, this cake is perfect. It has been created to have a moist and has a sturdy texture, with lots of strawberry flavor, which is hard to achieve when baking with fresh strawberries! To gild the lily, we filled ours with sliced strawberries and iced the cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream or SMBC, Strawberry flavor variation. Our homegrown strawberries were perfect on the top. The Master Recipe for this is the Ultimate Butter Cake or UBC

Jane, from another baking forum, Says: "I ran across these new flavors for the butter cake and was intrigued to try them since I love the ultimate butter cake. I made the strawberry cake yesterday, and thought it was divine! It was all gone by this morning! ...This is by far the best from scratch strawberry recipe I have tried so far." 11-27-05

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