Ultimate Coconut Butter Cake or UCOBC

  • Serves: Makes two 9-inch cake layers, a 9 x 13-inch pan or 32 - 36 cupcakes; makes 8 cups batter
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Variations: Ultimate Butter Cake or UBC and Variations; Ultimate Chocolate Butter Cake or UCBC and Variations 

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Berta L., Premium Member, created this coconut flavored variation of my Ultimate Butter Cake or UBC. The original was created by me to be a rich, moist and tender treat because I was tired of eating dry, flavorless cakes. It has a fine to medium crumb in texture and is somewhat dense, but much lighter than a pound cake. Many brides have selected this for use in a wedding cake because it can be made in so many flavors (and is quite flavorful) and doesn't need a lot of trimming. It can be easily filled and frosted with many types of recipes and decorated or served plain with fruit. It's now my family's favorite all-occasion cake!

I use ingredients right from the refrigerator when I bake most of my recipes, except with chocolate from the freezer, because I have found that the friction from the beaters quickly warms them. I believe that the step of using room temperature ingredients in a recipe makes them too warm, and is old-fashioned, necessary when cakes were mixed by hand. I do not see a difference on how recipes come out when using ingredients cold, right from the refrigerator, when using electric mixers of today.

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