The Ultimate Apple Pie Recipe with a Rum Raisin Sauce

  • Serves: Makes a 9-inch double crust pie
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Ever been disappointed when you've cut into a tall apple pie only to find that the apples have shrunk and left a big space between the fruit and crust? Most recipes indicate that precooking the apples will help solve this problem - But, I say the problem lies with how you handle the crust and "Why, fuss?" I have discovered that the real problem is if you use too much flour and the crust is stiff and the initial oven temperature is very high, the crust sets early in the baking process and/or becomes stiff like cardboard. Then, the filling shrinks beneath, causing a gap between the filling and the crust.

I like Golden Delicious apples, which are tasty and juicy, but you can also experiment with other varieties. Honeycrisp is one of my favorites, too. For something different, serve with a Rum Raisin Sauce, below.

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