Variation: Reed's Deep Dish Maple-Orange Pecan Pie

I got fed-up with hearing about and having so many pecan pie recipe woes and failures, that I decided to develop my own successful recipe! So many of members and home bakers have told me over the years about their pecan pie problems -- pecan pies that wouldn't set, fillings that curdled, dip in the middle, "exploding" pies where the filling leaked from a broken crust, the pies being "too sugary or sweet", or pies with "not enough pecans", and on and on. So, I set out to develop a recipe to solve these problems and not be a complex matter to make. I was not a big fan of pecan pie recipes, in general, before this recipe, because more than not, they were too sweet or had an odd balance between pecans and the filling. Besides, I had a chance to taste lots of pecan pies because my husband, Reed, loves pecan pies, and I think I've baked him countless recipes and ordered lots of pies to find the best one.

Finally, I developed this recipe, having my chief taster and husband, Reed, give critical comments on the final results. This recipe has become his favorite pecan pie and I decided to name this after him. This pie is absolutely buttery and has just the right balance between pecans and filling. Pecan pie fillings can be overly sweet, but this one has a nice balance between butter, sugar and pecans. The orange flavor in the pie helps offset any sweet flavor in the pie, as does a pinch of salt.

Pecan pies have a habit of misbehaving because the pecans are essentially baked in a custard - and, custard pies are finicky. Find out how I solved a lot of pecan pie problems with this recipe.
The pie is wobbly when it comes from the oven, but sets as it cools. I recommend chilling it afterward it has cooled thoroughly, for about an hour or two, so it sets nicely. I like to slice mine chilled to get nice, even slices. It warms to room temperature really quickly.

Pecan Pie (foreground) and photo by Cyndi165, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips
Shown with Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake (background) and Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie (middle)

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