Pumpkin Spice Macaron Pops

  • Serves: Makes 24 macaron pops
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 325
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Variation: Fall Spiced Pumpkin Macaron Pops; French Macarons

Variation: Fall Spiced Pumpkin Macaron Pops
These fun little French macaron cookies serve a dual purpose: they are a great Halloween treat when dressed up as Jack-o-Lanterns, or, leave off the spooky faces and serve them as a festive Thanksgiving dessert. I've included design templates for you to use for piping the macaron batter so you are successful every time. When making macaron pops, you can't use just any filling. Find out below which one works best! For more detailed information, tips, and techniques, check out the master tutorial for French Macarons.

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