Peach Melba Mini Skillet Pies

  • Serves: Makes 6 3 1/2-inch mini pies
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 375
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KELLY SAYS: "Sometimes in late winter, when the weather is especially dreary, I start dreaming of spring. Where I live in California, we may not get snow, but it can be grey and rainy for days on end. But the past few days have been absolutely gorgeous, and the flower buds on the fruit trees have started to swell, making me so hungry for spring! Suddenly, I remembered the peaches I tucked away in my freezer...peaches from my friend's backyard tree. So I thought: PIE! Peaches, raspberries, flaky crust, all tucked into the cute little cast iron skillets Sarah and I have fallen in love with. Pie for one. Fruity, sweet and delicious. Kind of makes one forget about winter, at least for a little while."  

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