Photo by merllgirl, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips

Not long ago, merllgirl, Premium Member, asked me: "Hello All, I am not a cheesecake lover.....but tasted one today that was so YUMMY, I want to make it...When you bite into tastes like a nutmeg and cinnamon flavor in the cheesecake. It had a creamy filling, swirled, and a cobbler like crust topped with peaches and a sauce drizzled over it that had a nutmeg or cinnamon flavor! If anyone can help with this recipe please post. thank you."

SARAH SAYS: I came up with a solution, created in a team fashion, too which merllgirl added her creative touches, and then tried and liked! I added oats to the crust and a streusel topping to the peach compote that adorns the cheesecake. Cheesecake and peach cobbler heaven!

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