Mojito Roulade or Jelly Roll Cake

  • Serves: Makes one cake roll
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This cake roulade or roll has lots of zesty lime, a splash of rum with a touch of mint. 
SARAH SAYS: I love the combination of fresh flavors in a mojito cocktail, made with lime, rum and a touch of fresh mint. I thought it would be fun these flavors into a cake. Why not, I thought - a mojito flavored cake would be lots of fun to serve and very interesting, plus a new flavor combo to introduce to the dessert table!

Looking for interesting nonalcoholic drinks lately, I have been mixing various combinations of mojitos at home, sans the rum. Sometimes I have used club soda as the base with crushed
fresh organic mint leaves, added in my homemade rum flavored soaking syrup for flavor, with a few drops of lime flavored oil, and crushed ice for a delightful treat! Sometimes I use San Pelligrino Aranciata - Lemon or Orange as the background drink, and simply add in crushed organic mint leaves, a few drops of lemon or orange oil and ice. 

I thought it would be fun to make this into a Mojito cake roll, so I called Kelly, my partner-in-crime, so to speak, who immediately loved the idea! We both agreed that mint can be an overpowering flavor in a recipe, and somehow we had to tone it down. I had a Vanilla Biscuit Roulade (Jelly Roll) Cake recipe - cake roulades easily take to soaking syrups, and I suggested we infuse mint into a homemade soaking syrup so it would be more subtle. Of course, Kelly living in California, had fresh mint growing in her garden, and could put it to perfect use! She mentioned earlier in the week that she had a big bag of key limes, and thought it would be great to add rum to the syrup, too! We also loved the idea of folding lime curd with stabilized whipped cream - with a tiny splash of rum - for the filling!

And, off Kelly went to her kitchen where she baked and styled this fabulous cake roll for all of us to enjoy!

KELLY SAYS: "This cake recipe combines the refreshing flavors of an ice cold Mojito...lime, mint and rum...with dreamily fluffy sponge cake, and billowy, whipped cream.
Sarah and I got our heads together and the result is a Mojito Roulade!
The cake is not too boozy...the rum flavor is just that, a flavor. It doesn't knock you over with "rumminess", as some rum cakes do."

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