• Serves: Makes about 24
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 375
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Variations: Basic Genoise Cake Tutorial; Bittersweet Chocolate Madeleines; Lemon-Poppy Seed Madeleines

Photos by Sarah Phillips © 2000 Sarah Phillips
SARAH SAYS: I added 1 teaspoon of chopped culinary lavender to the batter before baking mine.

Madeleines are very small cakes, made from Genoise Cake batter. Most distinctive about these cookies, which date back to the court of King Stanislas Leszczynski in the early 1700s, is their shape. They must be baked in madeleine pans, sheets with shell-shaped indentations. Follow the recipe exactly; making Madeleines can be troublesome -- either they take too much beating, stick easily to the pans, or come out with crusty, slightly browned edges that chip in the transfer process from pan to rack to plate. I show you how to make them properly, avoiding all of the possible pitfalls.

I use Beurre Noisette or Brown Butter in my recipe for more flavor. Let it cool until tepid before using.

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