Italian Meringue or Mousseline Buttercream or IMBC

  • Serves: Makes 4 1/2 cups - enough to fill and frost 2 9-inch x 1 1/2 layers or 3 9 x 1-inch layers
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Variations: Caramel IMBC, Chocolate IMBC, Cinnamon IMBC, Coffee IMBC, Fruit IMBC, Nutella IMBC, White Chocolate IMBC

Nutella IMBC Variation used with our Nutella Raspberry Bliss Cake Recipe

SARAH SAYS: "Over the years I've modified and added different mixing techniques, and it no longer truly mirrors the one from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible ("Mousseline Buttercream")
This buttercream may seem tricky to make, but once made holds up better than any other European type buttercream; it is quite stable in 75 degree F weather - it can be used for a cake that will be in 90 degrees F weather with humidity, but won't be as stable It's light and smooth and incredibly easy to work with. It is soft enough for beautiful shell borders yet strong enough to pipe roses and can be tinted and flavored. It's like "Butter whipped into a fondant."

The recipe starts out thin and lumpy looking and about three-fourths of the way through, it starts to come together or emulsify and turn into a luxurious cream.

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