Healthy Oven Banana Currant Layer Cake

  • Serves: Makes 2, 8 - or 9- x 2-inch round cake layers
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 350
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Variation: Low-fat Banana Currant Layer Cake

Photo and cake by msbreez, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips

Most banana cakes are baked in a loaf pan, but this is such a favorite at my house that it often makes an appearance at family celebrations dressed up as a layer cake. If you have the time, the cake tastes even better if the layers are wrapped and refrigerated overnight so the flavors get a chance to mix and mellow! I love to fill and frost this cake with Seven Minute Mocha Frosting - banana and mocha are such great flavors together!

MSBREEZ, Premium Member, Says: "Hey all. Here's what we made this weekend for Big Boy's 4th BD. He requested several versions of a birthday cake and I settled on this. The original request was a banana cake with monkeys jumping on top. Well, lots of procrastination happened and he got a cake that sort of resembled a bunch of bananas. lol It was Sarah's Banana Currant Layer Cake, without currants, instead with bittersweet choc chips and Tami's or Perfect Buttercream....Anyway, the cake is fabulous Sarah!"

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