French Pear Tart or La Tarte Bourdaloue

  • Serves: Makes one 9- to 11-inch tart
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 400
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Variations: Chocolate and Raspberry French Pear Tart; French Peach Tart

The celebrated pâtissier Coquelin bought La Pâtisserie Bourdaloue (which is still up and baking on the rue Bourdaloue) in 1909, and created, among other things, this famous pear tart with frangipane / almond cream. Certain desserts stand the test of time and one of those classics is la tart bourdaloue. It has remained one of my favorites, both to make and to eat. For this recipe, you can use a tart pan that varies in size between 9- to 11-inches. If you use a 9-inch tart pan, hold back on 1/2-cup Frangipane / Almond Cream Filling, but not the amount of pears used. The baking temperature and time will remain the same. We explain the best types of pears to use in our recipe, and when and how to use vanilla beans or vanilla extract.

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