Foolproof Toffee

  • Serves: Makes 1 pound
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Toffee and photo by sugarpie, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips 

Toffee is a hard caramel colored candy made by cooking sugar, water (or cream or milk) and usually butter or other fat. Other ingredients such as nuts or chocolate are sometimes added. Depending on the recipe, a toffee mixture may be cooked to anywhere from 236 degrees F to 300 degrees F measured with a candy thermometer, or called the Hard Ball Stage. It is when syrup is dropped into ice water and forms a hard ball which holds its shape on removal but is still plastic.

But, what makes my recipe foolproof is the inclusion of a secret ingredient. It helps the toffee from separating, a common problem encountered when making these homemade recipes.

From leejr, Premium Member: "I tried this and it actually works!!! I've tried caramel before and it didn't come out too well. But this was toffee. I covered it in chocolate (and followed your instructions how to) and coconut and it was good. Can't wait to give it to my co-workers."

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