Variation: Healthy Oven Espresso Tiramisu

If you've never had the pleasure of tasting Tiramisu, you're in for a treat. Today, there are many versions of this delectable "light" dessert.

A simple description of traditional Tiramisu is a cake made with an Italian sponge cake called The Pan di Spagna or with an Italian sponge cookie called Savoiardi (known in the U.S. as ladyfingers). The French know the cake as Genoise and to the Italians, it is Pan di Spagna, or literally translated, the "bread of Spain." The cake slices or pieces are placed in a serving dish, such as a pan, a trifle dish, or a deep bowl, and then are soaked in strong coffee or espresso, which can be further spiked with a coffee liqueur. The cake is layered with a custard-like filling, many times a zabaglione custard combined with either mascarpone or cream cheese.

You can substitute the cake with homemade Ladyfingers or store bought, if desired! Ladyfingers, known in Italy as "Savoiardi" are sweet, little, fairly dry, finger-shaped Sponge cakes. The amount needed will depend upon the size of the dish (sizes 9- x 9-inch up to 9- x 13-inch, two packages can be used). If you can't find the crisp ones, use the softer, sponge-cake type American supermarket lady fingers, drying them out in a 325 degree oven for 20 minutes. Actually, you can use even any other cake, if they are dry or dried out, rather than absolutely fresh; it won't be authentic, but will still taste delicious!

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Assembled with Ladyfingers and served with fruit in individual glasses.

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