Easy Mix Angel Food Cake

  • Serves: Cake serves 10-12; makes about 30 cupcakes
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 350
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Variations: Angel Food Cake Cupcakes; Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Light and airy, lofty and heavenly, Angel Food Cake is a beloved and very versatile dessert that is naturally low in fat. But many people are intimidated to make this cake because of all the whipping and folding, and the potential for a dry, dense, or flat cake.

But have no fear! General Mills came up with a new, and unorthodox, mixing method for making Angel Food Cakes for commercial bakeries, which I've adapted for home bakers and are excited share with you, CraftyBaking.com style. No more folding the flour and dry ingredients into the whipped egg whites and being afraid that the batter will deflate. Find out what my new mixing method is below!

This recipe yields a towering and super-moist angel food cake that can be served on its own, with a few berries or chocolate sauce and whipped cream, or taken over the top as with our Bacon and Salted Caramel Angel Food Cake

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