Classic Banana Bread

  • Serves: Makes one 9- x 5-inch loaf
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Banana Bread and photo by Sarah Phillips © Sarah Phillips

Banana Bread and photo by Sarah Phillips © Sarah Phillips

My husband, Reed, loves banana bread, and always asks me to bake him some. He does not like the typical recipes that result in heavy, oily and gummy banana bread loaves. So, I jumped at the chance to bake his favorite recipe, which I adapted from a recipe given to me from Tami Smith, who contributed during the early years at This bread turns out with a wonderful lemon, cinnamon and vanilla fragrance to it which simply adds to the heavenly banana flavor. The bread is also quite moist and tender and can be served for breakfast or makes a wonderful dessert; I have served this plain or with whipped cream and raspberry compote. It is also delicious toasted and served with raspberry jam or when blueberries or raspberries are in season, I have folded in 1 heaping cup of either into the mixed batter at the end. The recipe makes about 18 delicious muffins, taking about 20 to 30 minutes to bake. (Make sure you fill the empty muffin tins half-full with water so they won't smoke!)

Some of the biggest issues I have found that bakers have with quick-breads are that they tend to overmix them, leading to dry and and tough loaves, and overbake them, also contributing to their dryness and unappealing flavor. Many also have trouble with recipes that include mashed bananas, because we tend to overmash them until their pulps are almost liquidy, leading to bouncy loaves or ones that do not bake fully, which mushy bottoms. It's as though we almost ruin their pulp's cellular structures so the recipes cannot bake properly. I have taken special care with this recipe to alleviate this biggest problem.

Banana bread is also not limited to the 9-inch by 5-inch loaf pan; I sometimes bake mine in two 4- x 7-inch loaf pans, instead. I find that the loaves bake higher and you don't seem to run into the "gooey-middle" and over-browned exterior.

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