Caramel Icing

  • Serves: Generously frosts and fills one 9- x 2-inch layer cake
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Cake and photo by Cyndi © Sarah Phillips
My aunt made a caramel cake for a family gathering earlier this year and I just HAD to get her recipe for the caramel icing...this is an old recipe (that I have adapted)... (It's) VERY different from the caramel icing that I was accustomed to with brown sugar. I use the Classic White Cake Recipe and sub some light brown sugar for some of the white sugar, about half. It just gives it a good taste that goes along very well with the Caramel icing!"

merllgirl, Premium Member, Says: "Cyndi, Thank you for the recipe! It's true....the icing is very creamy and not too sweet. I followed the direction step by step and I am very pleased with the results!! This one goes in the favorite box...Hubby is excited!"

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