Best Caramel Apples

  • Serves: Makes 6 to 10 medium-size caramel covered apples
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Caramel apples aren’t just for Fall anymore! We dressed them up for Spring and Easter. These caramel apples are perfection. 
The juxtaposition of creamy-soft caramel, crisp juicy apples and luscious toppings make a scrumptious treat that is perfect for gift giving and special occasion party favors.
They would make a tasty addition to your child’s Easter basket.

I invite you into my kitchen to make Caramel Apples! Mine are covered with a soft and chewy caramel that hardens just right on tart Granny Smith apples, which you can optionally dip in toasted nuts or chocolate, making them a sensational treat. I even make a batch or two to give away as Christmas gifts because it seems as though you can never go wrong with this special recipe. I also have a Candy Apple Recipe which is very different from this one.

Soft caramel can be tricky to make, as with any candy recipe. It takes precision and timing to get the recipes to work just right. But, I have carefully outlined every step here for you to follow, with lots of detailed explanations and pictures so you can't go wrong. I give special thanks to Chef Barry Marcus who taught me everything I needed to know about making candy recipes. 

Orange Piggy, Premium Member, Says: "I successfully made caramel apples for the first time! Long time ago I attempted to make caramel apples but they all came out either grainy or too thick/thin to coat the apples. This time, with Sarah's recipe, they came out great and they taste sooooo good."

Test from member winkyndobby:
"Sarah---Thank you for demystifying homemade caramel for me! The detailed instructions (and pictures!) helped making this recipe effortless, fun, and PERFECT on my first try! I used Granny Smith apples, slivered and toasted almonds, and Ghirardelli Double Chocolate for dipping. 
We had a taste-testing party with several highly-rated mail-order caramel apples to test your claim of "The Best Caramel Apple Recipe". All apples tested were Caramel/Almond/Chocolate Flavor**. Tasters ranged in age from 13-52, and we had the following apples in the lineup:

1) Recipe
2) Epicurious Recipe
3) Williams-Sonoma Recipe ($22 for 1 apple, + required overnight S&H)
4) ($22 for 2 apples + 33 S&H)
5) ($24 for 2 apples + 21 S&H) **'Caramel/almond' was closest flavor available

Judging Criteria: Fruit: Size/Flavor/Texture, Caramel: Thickness of layer, chewy texture, Flavor, Topping: Texture/Flavor, Chocolate. (also noted were consistency of product and customer service)
Results: Unanimous: CraftyBaking wins 'Best Overall Apple' !!! The caramel was a runaway winner! I never have to buy another caramel apple again! I made enough for a dozen apples, but I'm happy to say, I was so successful, that there were none of mine left to take home at the end of the night.
The price of my membership was worth this recipe alone!"

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