Basic Chiffon Cake

  • Serves: Makes one 10-inch tube pan or 2, 9- x 2-inch cake pans
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Variations: Lemon-Orange Scented Chiffon Cake; Mocha Chocolate Fleck Chiffon Cake 
Chiffon Cakes are a member of the foam cake family; that is, they rely upon beaten egg whites to rise but also combine the richness of shortening-type cakes with egg yolks, leavening agents and vegetable oil.

I have never seen a chiffon cake rise as high as this one does - 5 to 5-1/2-inches! The original chiffon cake recipe was flavored with orange juice and orange peel, but now recipes come in many flavors, such as this one does. This cake is not too sweet and has bits of semi-sweet chocolate bits throughout. It's great served as is, sprinkled with confectioners' sugar, with a simple serving of peaches and a fresh sprig of mint.

These types of foam cakes take time to make properly. The goal in making a chiffon cake is to beat air into the egg whites and all the mixing and baking steps that follow are done to preserve the delicate air bubbles. Move quickly and delicately through all of the steps and place the batter in a hot, well-preheated oven so it can expand rapidly. I recommend using a stand mixer because you'll be beating 12 egg whites and will need the extra power. They are not a quickie or dump-and-blend cake. You will dirty and few bowls and you arm will hurt from the seemingly never-ending task of folding ingredients together. Be gentle, take your time and you'll be amply rewarded. If the ingredients are not folded thoroughly, you’ll see streaks of egg whites throughout the cake, a heavy cake layer on the bottom and one that won't rise as high -- in essence, it will be destined for the trash can.

Cake and photo by txbaker26 © Sarah Phillips 

TXBAKER26, Premium Member, Says: "Thanks Sarah!!! Every recipe I have tried so far from yours has worked each and every time!!! My favorite and the one i get the most raves about is your chiffon recipe which i used it on this one to and everyone went on and on about how moist the cake was!!!"




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