Baba al Limoncello

  • Serves: Makes 12 Babas
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 400
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A rum baba (also known as baba al rhum, baba au rhum, and rhum baba), is a sweet yeasted cake saturated in liquor, most often rum. Invented in Paris and popular in Naples, Italy, it is often filled with whipped cream, crema pasticciera (custard cream or pastry cream), or cannoli cream. Sometimes it is simply oozing with syrup. This recipe soaks the cakes in vibrant limoncello syrup, and you have the option of filling them with vanilla pastry cream. 

The dough for baba is even richer than that for brioche, and includes eggs, milk, and butter. See our method below for making the dough quickly and easily. Traditionally, babas are baked in individual baba molds (which are slightly tapered cylinders about a 2-inches tall). They can also be baked in larger molds, similar to Bundt cake pans. If you don't have baba molds, you can bake the cakes in regular muffin pans, as I do here, or use two small Bundt cake pans.

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